Create a Batman tv series logo in Inkscape

Inspired by my love of Batman and this post on Noupe about memorable tv logos, I thought I would have a go at recreating the Batman logo in Inkscape.

Here is what we are aiming for:


To start. Open Inkscape.
Draw a black rectangle. Doesnt matter about sizes, these can be altered later.
Switch to the pen tool (or bezier curves tool as its know in Inkscape, its the one under the pencil icon) and draw each point of the batman cape (you might want to change the stroke colour of your line so you can see it. Do this by shift-clicking on any colour in the palette at the bottom. You can also use an image like the one above for reference to get the points just right).
selecting the pen tool


draw the cape


Once you have the basic shape in straight lines select the edit node tool and start turning these lines into curves. An easy way to do this is just to click and drag on a line to pull it into a curve.
You can adjust the curve by varying the length and angle of each node. Just click and move the blue line circles.



Now we have the shape of the cape we need to add a few details. Switch back to the pen tool (bezier curve) and draw a rough triangle on the head part of batman.
Adjust the lines to curves, and fill with white to draw one eye. Hit the duplicate button to create the other eye and flip it horizontally. Adjust the positioning to get it to look right.





Now we want to draw Batman’s chin. Again using the pen tool and draw the points, add some curve, but not too much.
fill this with a skin colour. I used f1b086 (Shift + Ctrl + f).



Use the same pen techniques to draw a mouth and shadow on the chin. Fill these with black.


Now we move on to the top of the head. Draw a rough shape with the pen tool. Fill it with a light blue (329edfff). This shape doesnt have to look perfect, we are going to tweak it.



Now we want to give it a jagged effect. Select the tweak tool with the following settings, Width:20, Force:20, Mode:Roughen parts of path. Now just click and drag over the blue shape and this should give it a rough edge.




Now we have the shape of the cape and the facial details done its time to move onto the lettering.
Again this may be a time to use the image as reference.


Use the same techniques throughout this tutorial to draw some key points of the letter and then curve the lines paying special attention to the bat-ear serifs.




Once you have the shape, fill it with a bright yellow colour (fdfc16ff) and then draw the black holes in the lettering with the pen tool and using curve lines.



Repeat this process for the other letters, try for rough curves and dramatic angles. This adds to the effect.



We are almost there. Turn the stroke off the batcape (right click the red x in the colour bar when you have it selected), duplicate it, fill it with bright yellow and turn the opacity to 50%.

Blur it by using Filters-Blur-Fancy Blur and then move it behind the black cape by lowering the selection (page down).


And thats it. You now have a nice retro batman vector, you can adjust the colours easily for different styles.



I hope you enjoyed this post. If you get stuck with anything, dont hesitate to give me a shout in the comments.

Thanks for reading.




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