Zune software hack for international users

Dont want to read what i have to say? Go straight to the download here. Users modifying the registry do so at their own risk and i accept no liability should something go wrong.
Back up you PC with system restore before using.
It should work fine for users simply unzip and double click, restart Zune and enjoy.

A quarter of the way through 2010 and MS is still being totally silent on whether international fans will ever be able to fully enjoy the zune service, rather than just a gimped video service on their xboxes.

Windows 7 Phone may bring the marketplace but there are many still waiting for the players which MS has been sketchy about since 2006!

Those of us who cant stand using the monstrocity that is iTunes have been using Zune music player and enjoying its simplicity, features and style. That was until update 4.2 came out and effectively crippled it removing half the features. A good job then that international users arent stupid and discovered registry hacks that bring back these features.

Hopefully MS will see sense in that there is still a market for those who want a DEDICATED music player, especially outside of the US!

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