Windows Phone 8 Announced – no upgrades

Showcasing the new Windows Phone Startscreen


MS kicked off its Windows Phone Developers Conference with the nugget that no current Windows Phone device will receive the upgrade to Windows Phone 8.


While the promise of a shared core with Windows 8, multi-tasking improvements and support for better phones (more cores, higher res screens etc) is certainly enticing to new customers, the way in which MS have effectively screwed over every existing user and anyone stupid enough to buy Windows Phone 7.5 device between now and the WP8 launch (supposedly this fall) is hard to stomach.


WP8 and Windows 8 share the same core


So if you are one of the few users who put your trust in MS’s fledgeling platform with the hope WP8 would push your phone to greater heights then you are shit out of luck. It is also a kick in the balls to any WP7.5 manufacturer, especially Nokia, with sales expected to fall off a cliff. Lets face it, who would buy an obsolete phone.


Some hardcore MS fans point to the 7.8 update MS have promised for all current devices which we are told will bring the new start screen and other “unnamed WP8 features” as proof that MS are not abandoning current users. However, the fact that WP8 apps will not work with WP7.8 devices means that the biggest feature of WP8, the shared core, will be for new customers only. Expect developers to make apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 only. There will be little incentive to support those stuck in two year contracts with the Nokia Lumia 800/900.


Different tiles and sizes are available


Above all it brings back echoes of Windows Mobile 6.5 where MS abandoned all users to start afresh with the WP7. They have pretty much pulled the same stunt with this. Ms are too busy chasing big sales numbers to care about the users who built the platform to where it is now. Admittedly, a small following, but one which is passionate and busy showing off the advantages of WP over other platforms. Well at least they were, because the way most have been burned I would imagine many are loathe to recommend a platform where current users matter little.


WP8 allows for "personal" start screens


Are you excited for WP8 or does this news leave you looking for alternatives?

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