Windows 7—- Already over hyped?

Visit any technology related website and the likelihood is there will be an article on Windows 7 and how much better it is than Windows Vista. They point to performance, the taskbar, and a few other minor features that supposedly make it far superior. However, having tested the 7000 beta build, I find myself actually preferring vista. The new taskbar is actually harder to use if you only have a couple of windows open, it stacks all the open windows regardless of how many you have active. Although, the right click menu is a neat touch I found myself hating having to right click to open a new window and it was confusing to use at first.

I dislike the way it is now harder to see what is currently playing in windows media player, with the traditional windows bar it would scroll through the album and the artist so you would merely have to glance at the screen.

The new user account control is supposed to be better due to the fact that it is supposed to be less in your face, however, the whole reasoning behind the UAC in Vista was security and it seems as though this has been sacrificed for the sake of a few complaints;

Performance does not seem to be that different to vista either. Many of the complaints arose because the so called “vista-capable” machines were unable to run smoothly, but they shouldn’t have been running vista in the first place. Both versions of windows will probably only run smoothly on machines with at least 2GB of RAM and most new machines come with this anyway.

Home Networking isn’t a big problem in vista despite a few complaints, even those who are not technically adept don’t seem to have many problems.

Having ditched vista gadgets for the free roaming yahoo widgets long ago the moveable gadgets do nothing to excite me.

Finally, running a desktop I do not know of, nor would feel right to comment on, the difference in battery usage although I accept this may be a good point for 7.

Overall, 7 seems to me a slightly re-branded version of vista which aims to attract users who had believed vista to be terrible without actually trying it. It looks as if Microsoft took the Windows Mojave experiment a lot more seriously than it may seem.

Only time will tell if it will be a successful re-branding but it looks promising for Microsoft after the sheer abuse that vista experienced.


Agree or Disagree? I’d love to hear what you think.

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