Working on another redesign

New site design

It has been almost a year since I updated the look of this site. Now I am working on a new look. We are never happy with our own designs are we. Often it is best to tweak designs rather than going for a full blown start from scratch approach. However, when it comes to this site, I love to start that way in order to experiment as I go along.


Working in the field I realise that this site is woefully inadequate when it comes to viewing on mobile screens. I aim to change that. I have built with the skeleton framework  before and I thought I would try something new with the much aclaimed bootstrap framework, from the guys at twitter.

In addition to making the site more responsive, I have been toying with a way to put image content at the front and centre. Nobody wants to read a wall of text.


New site design 2


The redesign will also aim to utilise less resources and use more HTML5 and CSS3 elements now that adoption has improved.  It will also feature more a more muted colour scheme.

Finally, I believe that the font size I am currently using is much too small. My preference is now to use at least 14px in order to prevent eye strain and after viewing other sites with bigger font sizes, I can see the advantage of using a bigger font size.


Hopefully, you guys will like it! Stay tuned for updates.

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