New year, new site

After a few issues my site redesign is finally live. So what do you think?

You may remember me posting a beta site of how I was getting on with a site redesign and then I went quiet. Well I decided to go in a different direction and after a fair few months of work in my spare time this is the result.

From humble beginnings, as a site to test out WordPress with a portfolio site added on, its come a long way.
This redesign has seen me getting a lot more intimate with the inner workings of WordPress. The result, I love WordPress even more.

Hopefully, the site gives a better impression of myself and the work that I do.

There is still a fair bit of work to do. The site has only been tested with IE9, Firefox and Chrome so far so there may be some bugs in other browsers left to fix in the coming months (If you see any report them to me!).

I should also point out that I am no longer supporting IE6 on this site. For one, the browser is now 10 years old and does not support many of the features I tried to integrate into the site. Additionally, most of the spam that I get on this site seems to originate from IE6 users.

Hopefully, that wont put most of you off however.

I should also be able to write more frequently now that most of the hard work is behind me.

Thanks for reading.


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