Facebook proposes changes to its Data Use Policy


If you are a Facebook user you will have recieved an email from them outlining some tweaking of their Data Use Policy and other changes. Assuming that you didnt just delete it or ignore it as spam, reading the email reveals some pretty important changes.


In what Facebook describe as a way to provide a “more meaningful” way for users to give feedback they are abandoning the current system of allowing users to vote on changes to data privacy policy.

Currently, users can trigger a vote if more than 7000 people comment on an issue. Facebook says this “incentivized the quantity of comments over their quality.”


The site has also proposed combining information across its other services, such as photo-sharing app Instagram, similar to a move earlier this year by search giant Google, which faced severe criticism.

Instead of a user vote on issues Facebook will implement a “Ask the Chief Privacy Officer” feature which will allow them to comment upon issues and questions raised. Of course this takes control away from the user meaning that only the issues that the Chief Privacy Officer wants to talk about will be addressed.


The email is particularly vague and it is unclear what Facebook plan to change. This has led to the Our-Policy.org website launching a campaign to oppose the changes and call for greater transparency. “We want Facebook to use clear and understandable language,” the group says.


Do you oppose or even understand these changes? Do you have concerns over your privacy on sites such as Facebook?

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