Bings stunning Aurora

Bings Aurora Video Homepage Today

While Google continue to try and brighten up their homepage with various event based doodles, Microsoft continue to push stunning imagery to those few people who visit the search engine.


Today, Bing features a beautiful video of the southern Aurora over the South Indian Ocean from space. Captured by the International Space Station, the video provides a unique look at one of the worlds most spectacular natural phenomenon. The fascinating scene is produced by charged atoms and molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere meeting solar wind particles.


The advent of high fidelity imaging equipment means that we are starting to see striking photography that is literally out of this world. The satellite Suomi captured imagery which helped to form the image entitled “Black Marble” unveiled recently at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, the largest annual gathering of Earth scientists. The low-light image processing helped to capture a stunning look at a night time cloud free Earth.


Black Marble - Earth at night


I’ve always wanted to visit Iceland for the Northern Lights and this has made me more determined to make that happen one day. It also kind of makes you wish space travel was affordable. One can dream.

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