Useful Programs—Download Accelerator Plus

The second post in my series on useful freeware programs is one which can, and does very effectively, speed up everything that you download from the internet, be it videos music pictures or just documents.

The program is called Download Accelerator Plus and can be found, for free, here:

It may also be worth checking out speedbit’s video accelerator which speeds up the loading of internet videos like all of youtube; however, this is limited to certain sites.

DAP works in the same way as your normal downloads, replacing either the Windows or the Firefox mode, depending upon your personal preference. (Windows Internet Explorer Download shown below.

It essentially works by splitting up the file and contacting different servers to make the download go much faster.

You can also make it perform better than the default settings by choosing high acceleration speed in the advanced options dialogue.

The program does include ads like shown in the picture above but they are barely noticeable and it’s worth it for the speed increase.

Finally, the program also allows you to resume downloads which is great, for example, if you have a connection that drops out frequently and it allows you to manage your current and completed downloads effectively through the manager window. 

Don’t believe me? try it for yourself and prepare to be amazed.

Works with vista, xp and even the windows 7 beta.

Stay tuned for more great apps


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