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Windows 8

When Microsoft announced Windows 8, they aimed to encourage adoption rates by setting the upgrade prices to a low introductory rate. Currently, you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, from any version of Windows, for only $39.99 (£25).


Microsoft have now announced, however, that the suggested final pricing for its Windows 8 Pro operating system will be $199.99, a staggering 400% increase. This new price will come into effect on February 1st. Microsoft stated, in a blog post announcing the price rises, that the momentum of Windows 8 is positive; “we are seeing good momentum with Windows 8 today”.


Those wishing to continue using their PC’s as media centres, will also have to pay 10 dollars for the Windows Media Centre upgrade, that is no longer included with Windows. This had been offered for free until now. Basically, those on the fence, wondering whether they should try out the latest operating system from Redmond, should probably make up their minds sharpish, unless they don’t mind their wallets feeling the squeeze.


The price rise comes not long after Microsoft announced hitting the milestone of 60 million licenses sold, however, many observers, imagined that Microsoft were pricing Windows 8 at a lower price with the aim of recouping money through the store. This may imply that store sales are not as healthy as Microsoft may have liked, or simply that Microsoft, have hit their projected upgrade estimates and don’t expect many more consumers to pay to upgrade. Microsoft will likely have moved between 70 and 80 million licenses for the operating system or so by the time the price increase goes into effect.


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