Photoshop comes to smartphones

Photoshop touch
Adobe have announced the availability of a Photoshop app for Android and iOS devices (sorry Windows Phone users!). The popular image editing application has somewhat of a monopoly on the desktop and while a tablet version has been available for some time, it is the first time it has made its way to smaller screens.


The appĀ touts many of the same features as the desktop version such as text insertion, layer creation, level adjustments and filters and allows you to pick up where you left off when you get back to the full desktop version.


Photo manipulation programs have risen in popularity on smartphones, thanks to applications like Instagram, which allow users to apply filters to the photos they take. Adobe look to address this by including a variety of filters as well as full social network integration.


Photoshop touch iPhone


The Photoshop touch app for smartphones looks to essentially be the same as the previously released tablet app, however, there is no compatibility between the two and users who shelled out $10 on the tablet version may be slightly peeved that they will be asked for a further $5 for the smartphone application. Given the high prices of the desktop software however, this may not be an issue, but it does put the app at a disadvantage against established cheaper rivals.


The market for a professional touch screen based application must be extremely small and one has to wonder how accurate the selections will be despite the apparent ease shown in the release video.


The application requires an iPhone 4S or newer or an Android smartphone running Android 4.0 or newer. Fifth-generation iPod touch devices can also use the app. It is available now on the respective app stores.


Watch the new Photoshop Touch app in action:



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