Microsoft remain mute about current Windows Phones

Window Phone 8 - HTC 8X

Microsoft held its Windows Phone 8 launch event in San Francisco today announcing several new features such as live lock screen and kids corner. While the enhancements to the new OS look great, what Microsoft neglected to mention, was what happens to current Windows Phone users.


We already know Microsoft is bringing the look of Windows Phone 8 to current users with an update called WP 7.8 allowing for resizable tiles. However, Microsoft has neglected to mention anything else. We don’t know whether Windows Phone 7.5 users will receive updates to Internet Explorer 10, the new updates such as the live lock screen or even when the 7.8 update is likely to land.

While Microsoft would understandably focus on Windows Phone 8 at a Windows Phone 8 event, the way in which current users have been neglected much surely be a concern. In a competitive market, Microsoft need all the positive press they can muster, especially the recommendations of current users, in order to make any inroads against Apple and Google. Unfortunately, in a tech world where everything moves forward at a blistering pace, many customers are often forgotten.

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