IE10 now available


Internet Explorer 10 has been something Windows 8 users have had exclusive access to since the Operating System was released in October last year. Up until now Microsoft have been pretty secretive as to when the latest version of their browser would be available for other users. Well the wait for some is over as the Internet Explorer team announced today on Facebook that IE10 for Windows 7 is available now.


The browser is available in both 32bit and 64bit versions with numerous languages (95!) available. Users are advised to ensure their systems are up to date and you may be required to run Windows Update first before you can install Internet Explorer 10. Microsoft have promised to roll out IE10 as an automatic update, moving towards the model rival browsers already employ.



This will come as good news to web developers as the latest version expands the browsers standards compliance for HTML5 and CSS3 (CSS transitions finally!). Users of the browser on mobile devices will also notice significant improvements to battery usage, while JavaScript has seen a speed boost, as has the browser in general.


The UI remains disappointingly unchanged from IE9, and there is no full screen metro version for non Windows 8 users, however, one of the best features has been ported over from Windows 8. Namely, the spell check and auto-correct feature. This works in a similar fashion to Word’s auto-correct feature, automatically changing miss-spelled words. It works very well and is a great feature to have.


Go here to download IE10!


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