IE10 for Windows 7 available – sort of

Internet Explorer 10

To all those web developers out there who havent upgraded to Windows 8, you can now grab a copy of Internet Explorer 10. The only catch is that it is not a full release, only a “pre-release” version.


IE10 brings improvements to IE9, including various speed enhancements and updates to its HTML and CSS rendering engines (text shadow and CSS animations finally!).


Aside from the improvements to us as developers, it is worrying that Microsoft is being extremely tardy in bringing IE10 to Windows 7. In the same way that Windows Phone 7 users have been ditched with still no idea when they will get updated to WP7.8, Microsoft seems content to focus most of their efforts on their latest and greatest. Pretty annoying if you have only just invested in these products.


A IE10 test demo


As for IE10 itself, I have been using it on my Windows 8 install for a while now and it does feel just as fast, if not faster than the rival browsers and these HTML and CSS improvements mean that no longer will I get the message “Only works in Chrome” when visiting sites with fancy animation tricks to show off.


IE10 has caused a stir in the advertising community as it enables “Do Not Track” by default. Microsoft’s new approach, and one that may be copied by others, means that even if users does not turn it on, a DNT is sent to websites. Website owners (if they choose to follow DNT standards) will not be able to see where visitors have come from or where they go.


Microsoft state: “While “Do Not Track” is a technology solution that’s still in its formative stages, it holds the promise of giving people greater choice and control of their privacy as they browse the Web.IE10 Windows 7 customers are notified of the “Do Not Track” setting via IE10’s first run welcome page, including instructions for how they can turn off “Do Not Track” should they wish.”

I guess it is up to the end user to decide the way forward.


What do you think of IE10?  Will it encourage you to move away from Chrome?


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