Halo Wars Limited Edition

As You can see from the pictures above my limited edition copy of Halo Wars arrived today and its pretty impressive.

The game disc comes in a tin (second picture, far right) which has some great artwork on, and the comic book and

Cards come in a decaled cardboard box (second picture, second in)

The cardboard box contains cards with all the playable heroes on, including descriptions and some basic info, a comic

Book similar to the ones in the Gears of war LE, and a faction badge (who would ever use this?).

The Comic book is nicely presented as shown above. The game disc comes in the tin, which includes a card with the

scratch codes for the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack and the Honour Guard Wraith and also a 48-hour trial.

Considering the map pack is probably going to be 800 points the Limited Edition is well worth the extra little bit.

A must have for any Halo Wars fan or collector.

Will be posting my impressions of the game shortly as I have only played the game online so far but its great fun and the

short extract of the campaign from the demo seemed very promising.

Stay tuned for more.


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