EE UK 4G rip off

EE launch

Many people in the UK were anticipating the launch of the UK’s first next-generation network, 4G on the T-mobile/Orange merged network.

Already far behind other nations, the launch of EE at the end of this month promised near broadband speeds, for downloading/streaming your favourite YouTube music videos on your mobile.

Being the only provider allowed to offer 4G until next year at the earliest, much to the chagrin of Vodafone, O2 and others, EE have an effective monopoly over 4G in the UK.

With this monopoly, comes monopolistic prices. The cheapest price plan starts at £36 and you still have to pay extra for the latest 4G compatible smart phones.

EE price plans

Hopefully, this will become more competitive as the other provides are allowed to bid for the rest of the spectrum early next year, however, the higher prices are almost certain to harm 4G adoption in a country that is already languishing in the high speed stakes.

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