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My work laptop is a Dell. Not my choice. It has given me no end of problems. Ignoring the shoddy build quality, after updating Microsoft Movie Maker to the 2012 version I ran into another issue. Dell signed drivers.


The issue I was having meant that the preview window and the full screen preview in Movie Maker stayed black and no audio could be heard. At first I thought it may be a conflicting codec. After much playing with codecs and still no fix, I tried a reinstall. It’s amazing how little this seems to fix issues.


With a system restore having no effect either, I decided it may be a graphics driver issue. This is where I ran into a  major problem. Apparently Dell do not allow you to install driver updates.


My pain of a Dell


When running the Windows driver update, it told me that I was already up to date. Similarly, the Dell update tool, recommended me to install drivers that were more out of date than the ones that were already installed. Thanks Dell, really helpful. Downloading the executable from Intel’s website simply told me the laptop manufacturer did not allow you to install drivers. Again, thanks Dell!


So after many hair tearing moments, I decided to bite the bullet and install updated drivers manually. Low and behold, problem fixed. I realise they probably did this to stop incompatibility issues, however, when a manufacturer makes it more difficult for a user to solve problems it doesn’t exactly engender goodwill towards the company.


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