Bootstrap 3 goes mobile first


Bootstrap, the popular front-end responsive framework by @mdo and @fat of Twitter fame, is approaching version 3 with a release candidate now available for download.


We were told way back in December that Bootstrap 3 would be rather narrow in focus, centering around improvements to responsive CSS, the dropping of legacy code and an attempt to centralize community efforts. However, the release candidate details a rewrite of the project, to be mobile friendly from the start.



Bootstrap 3 will be mobile first with mobile styles baked right into the core which can be found throughout the entire library instead of in separate files. This is a significant change to the framework, which has developed alongside an explosion of smartphone growth and a new wave of thinking that designers should plan for mobile devices first and foremost, before adding content for desktop users.


This school of thinking suggests that sites should always look great across devices, because that’s how countless people access the web. Starting a design process with a mobile layout is one way to make that happen. Bootstrap will likely face stiff competition from similar frameworks such as ZURBs Foundation 4, however, given its current popularity, Bootstrap 3 will likely be powering many websites in the near future.

Try it out and let me know how it stacks up.


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