BBC iPlayer comes to Windows phone


The lack of apps on the Windows Phone ecosystem is one of the reasons it has been struggling to make headway against the big two of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Microsoft have been eager to encourage developers to port their apps over to its operating system, even offering cash incentives to some, and they have achieved moderate success.


Today, Microsoft can scratch another big name off their list as the BBC announced that they will be bringing iPlayer to both Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8 devices. The popular streaming service has already been available for Blackberry, Android and iOS so it came as a surprise to many that it has taken this long. The BBC blamed Microsoft for the delay, saying that Windows Phone did not support the methods they used for iOS or Android, however, this announcement means the two companies have finally reached a compromise.


The BBC claim that the move aims “to keep the BBC at the cutting edge of emerging communications, technologies and services” so perhaps the recent growth of Windows Phone and the fact that it has edged out Blackberry to take third place in the smartphone market, pushed the BBC into action.


BBC mobile


The BBC will release a shortcut to the iPlayer which will be available in the Windows Phone store. This shortcut will wrap the BBC iPlayer mobile website together with the BBC media player allowing the player to work via a live tile. This appears to be a similar method to how the Android app currently works.


The BBC haven’t released a firm date for when this will be available however, merely stating that it will be released “in the near future”. Hopefully the wait for Windows Phone users to be able to catch up on the latest African adventures of David Attenborough or their other favorite shows won’t be much longer.


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