Are the Nokia Lumia 920 complaints justified?

Nokia Lumia 920

The so called “tech blogs” have been releasing their reviews for Nokia’s latest flagship phone, the Lumia 920. While universally praising the Pureview camera, the recurring complaint seems to centre around the phones weight.


Gizmodo seem to be positively repulsed by the weight of the device stating that “It’s uncomfortable enough to be disqualified from serious consideration” and that “It’s too big and heavy. It’s not fun to own. It’s not enjoyable to use.” Similarly, the Verge claimed that “you can’t ignore just how big and bulky the phone is.”


Barely bigger than the iPhone

Damning words indeed from the tech press and evoking bad memories of the days when carrying a mobile phone was like lugging a brick with you.


Return of the brick? Not quite.

So is this criticism justified?


Gizmodo’s review includes the line “The Lumia 920 weighs almost half a pound” – their emphasis not mine. Half a pound is not heavy. The early phones weighed as much as 1kg and while these were obviously not as portable as the phones of today it goes to show the ridiculousness of the complaint. On a side note half a pound is 227 grams. The Lumia 920 weighs 185 grams, while the iPhone 5 clocks in at 112 (the iPhone 4S was a whopping 140). To say that 185 is almost half a pound is close to saying the iPhone 5 weighs nothing at all. A highly deceptive statement.


The argument also neglects to take into account the fact that for other phones you often need to have cases, making them heavier and bulkier. You certainly wouldn’t want to drop an iPhone 5 without a case.


iPhone 5 damage

The criticism has even spawned parody with this particular image proving particularly popular.


Lumia 920 weighs less than you might think

Whether these criticisms will damage the sales of the Lumia remains to be seen, however, it is symptomatic of a tech journalism community increasingly out of touch with consumers, desperately clinging to their iPhones while the general mood seems to want something fresh and new.


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