Hilarious Manchester United marketing video

whos this guy

When you are no longer just a football club and you become a global brand, partnerships with all sorts of companies present themselves.

Even if it appears that there is no link with the partner companies they may reach an agreement in order to promote their global awareness.


I dont think he needs those sunglasses


When these partnerships occur, they can result in some hilarious marketing, as is the case when Nidji (An Indonsian band), Mister Potato (A Malaysian snack manufacturer), and Manchester United were brought together for a “Liberty and Victory” music video.


Fun on a bus


What follows is an awkward looking Manchester United team (Especially Wayne Rooney!) taking part in some kick ups and generally looking like they don’t belong alongside the band. There is even a scene with Antonio Valencia attempting to crack a smile. Very strange.

The music is predictably cheesy and  the obligatory shots of fans singing along are included. There are of course, plenty of scenes featuring the sponsor brands, including arriving in Manchester via Turkish Airlines and a woman buying Mister Potato crisps.


Turkish airlines product placement


Of course, the video is likely aimed at promoting these brands outside of Manchester and the UK (I’ve never seen Mister Potato before) and for viewers in the UK, it doesnt matter if the video comes across as a funny marketing attempt.


guy in background doesnt like the new mascot


Check out the full video here.

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