Chelsea FC continue the manager merry-go-round

Roberto Di Matteo

We woke up to the news that Chelsea FC have parted company with their manager Roberto Di Matteo, meaning the search for their ninth manager since 2003 begins.

Despite winning Chelsea’s first ever Champions League last year as well as an FA Cup, a run of poor form and a Champions League defeat to Juventus meant that Chelsea¬†owner Roman Abramovich brought down the axe.


Not listening Roman


Former Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez is favourite to take over on a short term basis. The rumours are that Pep Guardiola, long admired by the Russian, is the long term target of the club.

As a Manchester United fan, the way Chelsea rid themselves of their managers on a whim is totally mind boggling. Being used to the same manager in my entire life time is not just unusual its exceptional, however, every football fan would say that the key to long term success on the pitch is stability.


Roberto Di Matteo and the previous sacking AVB


I suppose in a way we should be grateful, Roman’s impatient nature means that Chelsea, despite their millions, will continue to struggle to reach their potential. Players like Oscar, Hazard and Mata are fantastically talented, however, when a new manager comes in they may not get on, be played in the right position or god know what reason which prevents the team playing as well as they could.


Contemplating the Chelsea job? Probably not.


Of course while managers are willing to accept such deals, thanks to the bumper pay cheques they receive, owners will continue to feel that they can chop and change as much as they want.

Hopefully, when Sir Alex decides to call it a day, the transition will be a smooth one to a manager who is trusted to take the team forward.


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