TNT terrible service

Still waiting for my limited edition copy of Halo Reach from Tesco.
Its TNT that is the problem. They are without a doubt the worst delivery service in the world.
It was delivered on Tuesday and no one was in to collect it so fair enough they posted one of the sorry we missed you cards through the door.

So I went on their online site to arrange re-delivery and i asked them to leave it in a safe place.
Arriving home on Wednesday there was another missed delivery card so this time i rang them up to find out what was going on.

They claimed that it needed a signature and even had the cheek to say that i should leave a signed note saying that i was out and to leave it round the back. Why don’t i just leave out my keys and credit card while I’m at it?
Instead i asked for them to deliver it on Friday and waited in all day to make sure i didn’t miss it only for them not to bother turning up.

Another call and they said they would deliver it on Saturday, normally they charge for this service but as they didn’t bother on Friday they graciously said they would waive this.
Saturday comes and goes and yet another no show.

A further phone call (love the 10-20 min wait while on hold too) brings the revelation that it doesn’t need a signature after all.
The guy i spoke to said he would leave a note for the driver to ensure it was left in a safe place.
I get home at 3 today and low and behold another bloody “sorry we missed you” card so I’m straight on the phone to them to complain.

The guy said he would ring the delivery driver and try and get him to come back seeing as i was waiting in, he told me he would ring back to keep me informed.
3 hours later, no call, no delivery.
Its supposed to be coming tomorrow now.
I’ve complained to Tesco and hopefully they will give TNT the kick up the a$$ they deserve but like TNT’s delivery service I’m not holding my breath.

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