Welcome to the new site

Welcome to the new bettertwin website

The better twin website was launched way back in 2009 and over the last few years I have evolved as a person, both in terms of my skillset and how I use the web. In 2013, like many others, I use my smartphone a considerable amount and I realize the importance of having a website that reflects this. When I sat down to consider how my site should look, I felt that I wanted my portfolio of work to take center stage, but I didn’t want mobile users to suffer as a result.

Responsive design

Having designed responsive websites for clients, it was high time that my own website led by example. There are many different approaches that website designers can take in order to cater for mobile use, however, I am of the opinion that responsive design is one of the best. I don’t believe that mobile users should be penalized with content taken away from them. I have experienced this in the past and know it is infuriating to try to find content on your mobile that you know is on the desktop version of the site. My approach therefore, was to try to create a seamless experience across devices and screen sizes.

Of course, not everything is suited to fit mobile screen sizes, hence the use of media queries to adapt the full screen background images depending on orientation. The menu will adapts to a more touch friendly version with the header also taking up less space for mobile users. The important thing is that the content remains unchanged no matter how you decide to view the site.

Mobile view of thebettertwin

Legible text

In the planning phase, I also spent a lot of time researching font sizes. Previously set at 12px I felt that this was too small for comfortable reading of body copy. I updated this to around 16px for my body font and the results make for a pleasant experience. Choosing the right fonts on Google’s web font service was very important. I was looking for something that was unique (Droid Sans is far too common these days) but something that would aid legibility. For these reasons Lato was chosen for body copy, while headings are taken care of by Signika. I feel that these fonts provide a nice balance for the site.


One of the other major changes was to move the site to use of the Disqus commenting system. As much as I loved styling WordPress’ default comment system </sarcasm>, Disqus allows for much more flexibility for visitors when visiting and should hopefully encourage greater user participation. I was experiencing a lot of spam through the comments and Disqus promises to be able to better handle malicious activity. We will have to see on that one.

Disqus comment system

So after all that, I hope you enjoy the new site and I encourage you to revisit with the various devices you are sure to have these days to see how it performs. I will be adding more to the site over the coming weeks (especially the portfolio) so stay tuned and feel free to leave a comment or contact me with any feedback.

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