George Osborne joins Twitter, probably wishes he hadn’t

George Osborne budget da

When you are the Chancellor of the Exchequer in charge of reducing a countries deficit by raising taxes and cutting benefits, you will probably have a lot of people who dislike you. George Osborne is discovering first hand how scathing the internet can be shortly after joining Twitter.


As he prepared to give his latest budget, setting out the current state of the nation’s economy and his plans for spending and taxation over the coming months, George Osborne unveiled his new Twitter account @George_Osborne sending his first tweet:


George Osborne tweet


It didn’t take long for one of the most important people in Britain to gain attention as in the first eighteen minutes he already had over 3,745 people following his new account. As you can imagine, the Chancellor has already drawn the ire of numerous people who, either through a disagreement with his policies or just a general dislike for the man himself, began to bombard his account with abuse.


From people who want the Chancellor to “Stop spending our f****** money” to people who simple want to see him gone “please god get off twitter. You are neither needed or welcome” , the internet gave its usual warm welcome. There were of course the slightly comical posts with one tweeter posting exclusive pictures of George Osborne and his advisers preparing to deliver the budget.


<a href="https://twitter click this link″>George Osborne budget


There was even the change for political point scoring, as Former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, John Prescott, made light of the growth of followers the Chancellor had managed to achieve:


John Prescott


Clearly if he wasn’t already made aware, George Osborne will now know the perils of facing an adoring public unshackled by the anonymity of the internet. It will make facing the jeering of the opposition MP’s in the House of commons seem like a walk in the park.


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