Comet ‘Massive’ sale turns out to be tiny

Comet "Massive" sale

As a technology lover, I excitedly headed to Comet earlier today after the beleaguered store announced a “Massive” stock liquidation.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a bargain, after all with stores likely to close as early as next week, and the humongous banner comet displayed on their website, there was sure to be some great discounts to be had.


Low and behold utter disappointment. Most items had a paltry 10% off the RRP. A price that still placed Comet as more expensive than most online retailers.

A Nikon bridge camera, for the low price of £140? A quick check on my phone revealed that the same camera could be had for £30 less on Amazon.


It was a similar case across the store with even accessories like SD cards remaining at a high price point even with the discount.

Its not hard to see why brick and mortar retailers are struggling. You may as well just stick to Amazon.

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