The Oscars—A presenting disaster (Fearn Cotton)

While not staying up to watch the awards me and my girlfriend did watch the sky one coverage of the red carpet and found it to be utterly embarrassing. Not content with terrible audio glitches and miss-timed cut aways, Fearne cotton proceeded to encourage the stars to stay away rather than to come and talk to her. Her questions were often downright bizarre and horribly insulting and she continually engaged in the worst interviewing faux pas of pulling the mic before we could hear their responses. And Fearne, interviewing Ryan Seacrest, who managed to secure all the major interviews, is not an achievement when he is standing right next to you the whole time. Fearne should definitely stay away from live presenting for such an important event being that this was the only live coverage of the stars on the carpet by a British team. She should stick to recorded TV where editing can make even the worst presenter look good.  The fact that she was shunned by Miley Cyrus set the tone for the night and the mere wave from Brad pretty much summed up this disaster.

it wasn’t until the end that we realised we could have been watching Ryan Seacrest interviewing all the stars on E and it made us feel stupid for putting up with her.

Did anyone else see Fearne?

Let me know what you thought


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