The Dark Knight Rises on Blu Ray & DVD Dec 4th

My most anticipated film of the year comes to Blu Ray and DVD on Dec 4th, however, there are as many variations as plot twists.

Firstly, there is the pretty cool looking DVD triology boxset, which combines the covers of all three films.

Then comes the Blu Ray boxset, with its rather plain by comparison, black with a single batarang cover but with a Christopher Nolan booklet.

The Dark Knight Rises Trilogy - Blu

Of course you may only want to invest in the final film of the trilogy, however, there are plenty of options here too.

There is the bog standard DVD, or Blu Ray. However, if you are feeling like splashing the cash, you can drop some coins on the special edition “Bat Cowl” version.

The Dark Knight Rises Trilogy - Special

Of course, I havent even mentioned the Ultimate collectors edition rumoured to be launching next year…

Decisions, decisions.

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