Importing a Zune HD

My Creative Zen Vision m, had given up the ghost a while back and I have spent a long time trying to find a suitable replacement.


If you are looking for a dedicated media player on the market then there isn’t a great deal of choice.


People seem to want a jack of all trades, master of none type device.


The Zune HD


Personally, I have a phone that is supposed to have a battery life longer than the iPhone, all I do on it is text and call, yet I’m lucky to get two days out of it.


For me, I needed a device that could play my music while sounding good, play some of my movies (xvid preferably) and last for about a week before I have to recharge it.


Oh yeah and I didn’t want an iPod, for various reasons, the most important being using iTunes is torture.


So what else is there on the market?


Well… not much.


Hello Seattle from the UK!


Businesses have decided that dedicated media players don’t sell and everybody should be happy with listening to music on their phones.


Erm no!


After much deliberation it came down to two players. The Cowon J3, which is sold in the UK, reportedly sounds fantastic, but thats about it; or the Zune HD, by all accounts a fantastic device just lacking in the apps department.


Well since I already love using the Zune software and as I have already mentioned, music and movies are the only focus, I decided to make my first purchase from America.


I brought the Zune HD 64GB from and it couldn’t have been easier. I was also shocked at how quickly it got to me. From the dispatch date (only a day after the order date!) it only took 4 days to get to my door!
This is something that shipped all the way from America (I tracked it from Minnesota) and it took less time than most deliveries in this Country. (Well done DHL)


As for the device itself?


My Zune HD in all its glory


Its exactly what I wanted. Sounds fantastic, is super fast, the screen looks good and the battery lasts me around a week.
I cant wrap my head around why MS never pushed this device. It certainly ticks all the boxes I want it too, and maybe if it had had more support, those all aboard the app train might have given it a second look too.


Fingers crossed that by the time I need a replacement, the focus for media devices is actually media once again!


Thanks for reading



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