John Lewis Christmas Advert

John Lewis Christmas Journey Advert

The annual John Lewis Christmas advert is fast becoming a large part of the build up to Christmas, in the same way that Coca Colas “Holidays are coming” marks the beginning of the festive season.


Coca cola Christmas


Last year John Lewis produced a phenomenally emotive advert that some hailed as the best ever. That advert featured a little boy with a big heart anxiously awaiting Christmas Day in order to give his parents a present. It was a viral hit and was a fantastic marketing effort with tens of millions of hits on YouTube.


John Lewis Christmas Advert 2011


This year, John Lewis pin their Christmas hopes on a lovestruck snowman. The advert is called “The Journey” and shows the lengths some will go to to find the perfect present for love, including crossing mountains, rivers and even braving terrifying snowball fights in the city.


The advert features a cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s The Power of Love and it ends to reveal the snowman, returning to the side of his snow-woman with his gifts.


John Lewis Christmas Journey Advert


The advert is another emotive success bringing many Christmas themes together into a well choreographed “magical” Christmas story.

It was filmed in New Zealand and cost a reputed £6 million.


John Lewis marketing director Craig Inglis questioned how they would be able to top last years advert; “After the success of last year’s ad, I was wondering how on earth we would ever be able to top it this year but we have.”

“Last year, Lewis melted hearts as he waited to surprise his parents with a present on Christmas Day. This year, a snowman moves heaven and earth to get his beloved a hat, scarf and gloves to keep her warm.”

“They both tell a story. It’s entertaining and people can connect emotionally. There is no hard sell.”


View the full advert here.


Do you like the new John Lewis advert? Would it actually encourage you to shop there?

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