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Stereophonics Album Tour

2013 seems like it will be a great year for catching up with some of my favorite bands who I never managed to get around to seeing live. After seeing the awesome Killers, when the chance to see the Stereophonics came up, it was not to be missed. Playing later in the year the band will be touring for their new album Graffiti on the Train. Having listening to it a little bit, the singles they have released so far are the standouts while never quite reaching previous heights.


The album tour promises that the four-piece will be performing tracks from their 20 plus year back catalogue including the classics; The Bartender And The Thief, Have A Nice Day, Mr Writer, A Thousand Trees and the number one hit Dakota.  The scary fact that Stereophonics will have been performing for over two decades is certain to make any fan feel old.


Stereophonics live


Stadium tours are a key source of revenue for bands who often see little return on album sales, even if they are platinum hits. Record labels will swallow up the majority of the profit to recoup their costs spent on marketing and advertising. It is record labels therefore; who are the most vocal when it comes to their perceived loss through piracy. For tours, a greater percentage of ticket price and merchandise go directly to the band, so fans who want to support their favorite musicians, would be better going to see them in person if the tickets can be had before they sell out.


Live performances are not without their issues however, the problem with ticket touts and the sellers of fake merchandise is a continual thorn in the side to ticket vendors and fans alike. Nevertheless, these are easy enough to avoid and most people can simply enjoy the good music.



Hopefully, Kelly won’t get a sore throat, causing the gig to be cancelled, like what happened with Brandon Flowers and The Killers, although at the rescheduled dates his voice was phenomenal. I’m sure Kelly’s gruff Welsh vocals will be just as good in person.


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