Microsoft IllumiRoom – A next gen immersive experience.

Illumiroom scanning

Despite having a smaller presence at CES 2013, with no booth or press conference, that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from showing up in press conferences held by other companies to show off the products they have been working on. The Samsung press conference was no different, with Microsoft demonstrating  a very interesting concept from Microsoft Research, and one which may have implications for the next Xbox.


Illumiroom FPS


IllumiRoom, makes use of Kinect, to scan the area around your television and then projects imagery around the TV in order to create a more immersive experience whilst playing games. The concept shows some variations from simply displaying snowflakes falling on a snowy racing scene, to bullets flying out of the display. An in-game fire makes it look like your living room is going up in flames, and a first-person shooter plays out on an entire wall.


Microsoft claims that the video is real time footage and does not include special effects that were added in later. They also claim that IllumiRoom will “expand interaction to any surface in your home.” Unfortunately, Microsoft won’t show any more until April, However, speculation is rife that this kind of technology will be included with the next Xbox rumoured to be announced at E3.


Illumiroom racing


2013 is sure to be an exciting year for video gamers with Sony and Microsoft again going head to head in the battle for the living room.


Watch the Microsoft IllumiRoom below:


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