Mass Effect 3: Updated

Shepard returns in the final instalment of the epic space adventure, (my copy came yesterday thanks to online shopping), and its getting rave reviews across the board.

I imported my character from the first two games, however, the custom face failed to import properly, not that I remember what he looked like so default Shepard it is for me!


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The game starts in an introductory fashion in case you had forgotten how to play the game and its actually a good start with the reapers arriving all guns blazing rather than repeating the “reapers are coming” mantra from the first two games.

I also like the way the game case cover can be flipped to display a female version of Shepard if that’s your persuasion.

I dislike the long wait to connect to EA servers when I load the game, however, as well as the – what now seems obligatory – online pass.

Unfortunately, I am going on holiday tomorrow so wont be able to experience the full game for a while.


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I will, however, update this post as I play through the game.

Otherwise its down to you. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Did Mass Effect 3 live up to the hype? Is it really “a sci-fi masterpiece” as some critics are claiming? Voice your opinions here.



After some serious playtime of Mass Effect 3 (30+ hours), I thought I should update the original post with my opinions. Firstly, if you didnt like the first two games in the trilogy, you should probably stay away. ME3 continues the successful formula of the first two, while managing to get rid of some of the more boring aspects of the first two games.

Planet scanning, a bane of ME2, still remains, but is much more refined, allowing you to scan for signals when you enter a star system. It may take away some of the exploration, but the sacrifice is certainly worth it.

Side missions have suitable back stories and are more fleshed out than the previous two games, although you will begin to wonder how small the galaxy is after “accidentally running into people you know” repeatedly.

Co-op is a welcome addition allowing the more action minded players some Reaper blasting fun. New players should beware of a community that will kick lower ranked players without pause, however. Co-op can lean towards the repetitive side.

The story, a strength of the series, flows nicely and keeps you coming back for more. The feeling of a galaxy at war is suitable melodrama to draw you in and try your best to gain support for Earth.

However, I should stress, I havent yet reached the conclusion of the story. A conclusion which has drawn ire from fans all over the internet and has even led to Bioware suggesting they may release a new ending. Strong stuff indeed and I will have to see for myself, whether the criticism is justified or the overblown noise of keyboard warriors.



Thanks for reading.

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