The Dark Knight Rises – Tickets booked!

The Dark Knight Rises posters

As you may know I’m a massive Batman fan, especially of the fantastic films by Christopher Nolan.


July 20th (here in the UK at least) is when the eagerly anticipated film launches and I’m sure many of you are as excited as I am to see Tom Hardy as Bane and the conclusion to the Nolan trilogy.


With that in mind, as soon as they were available I booked IMAX tickets for the film. I’m sure it will be worth it.


Additionally, it seems that some people at Nokia are also big Batman fans, after releasing a “Batman inspired” etched Lumia, they have also released a  Dark Knight Rises app for Lumia users.


The app is well designed with the great metro interface and offers content such as trailers, wallpapers and ringtones. It also includes a four-square based game for players to check into locations nearby and defend them against the enemy, Bane.



Users can choose to identify as either Batman or Bane, and they will earn points each and every time they check in with the application.


Nokia Lumia Batman app


Most importantly of all, the app includes a countdown to the launch of the movie. 35 days left at the time of writing, so book your tickets now!

Thanks for reading.


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