Great New Guy Movies Coming Soon

There are a ton of movies that look to be exciting, dropping this year. All of them are coming out relatively soon so i thought i would make a post about the ones i am looking forward to.

The first has to be the latest terminator movie, sub titled Salvation. After Christian Bale’s hilarious tantrum on set its going to be fun to try and guess which scene was so involving the lighting director’s mistimed entrance caused the star to throw a hissy that was even parodied on Family guy.


The action scenes dont look half bad either check out the explosive second trailer below.
Terminator Salvation - Trailer 2
Terminator Salvation – Trailer 2

Another action movie and its the latest Xmen movie entitled rather originally, origins. Doesn’t happen to be a prequel by any chance does it?

the story follows Wolverine as he is experimented upon and does look rather good. trailer below.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer
X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer


Yes im a guy in case you were wondering and its another action movie that im hyped for big surprise.

I personally didnt really play with transformers, however, the first movie was surprisingly good with a nice pace, mix of action, sexual tension, humor and more. big hopes for Michael Bay to pull off this one the trailer looks pretty epic.
Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - Full Trailer
Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen – Full Trailer

Another prequel that could either be really good or atrociously bad is the upcoming Star Trek movie. With sylar of Heroes fame (looks like he took the smart decision to look for money elsewhere as Heroes currently stinks) playing Spock it looks like it could be quite good. JJ Abrams (Cloverfield, Lost, Fringe)  is directing so im quietly excited and no im not a trekkie. It even has simon pegg as scotty, what more could you ask for except that he needs to put on a lot of weight over the years between this and the first film.

Trailer with epic space battles follows.
Star Trek - Trailer 2
Star Trek – Trailer 2

There is also a new Harry Potter movie coming out, another Fast and the Furious but with Vin Diesel so it cant be dreadful like the previous ones, the next movie in the Da vinci Code series, Angels and Demons.

And if all these dont whet your appetite there is always the Hannah Montana Movie to look forward to.  :-/

Hannah Montana: The Movie
Hannah Montana: The Movie

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