DiCaprio just keeps getting better


Shutter Island and Inception are simply the two best films released this year. Both are brilliantly written, masterfully directed (do you expect anything less from Nolan and Scorsese?) and wonderfully acted.

Both films are examples of the very best of Hollywood.

For all its gimmicks (*cough* 3D *cough*) and its continued complaints about piracy, these films show that, despite a recession, with decent actors and decent directors films can still keep you on the edge of the seat and leaving you wanting more.

They show that films don’t have to resort to tacking on an extra dimension (rather an extra layer to 2D) to draw in the crowds.

People returning again and again to see inception reinforce this.

Both these films must also reinforce Leo as one of the best leading actors in Hollywood. (Anyone who isn’t gutted at the end of Shutter Island has a heart of steel!)

His performances elevate two great scripts into two of the greatest films of a generation.

Leo’s stellar acting also means that the directors don’t have to resort to massively expensive special effects (I’m looking at you Avatar) to wow audiences.

Not bad for a guy who’s middle name is Wilhelm eh Leo? ;P

Hopefully Hollywood will realise that it doesn’t need 3D, if it continues to push films like this then audiences will surely be willing to pay.

And if you haven’t seen them yet. Shame on you. Order Shutter Island now!

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