A few gripes with Skyfall


Finally got around to watching Skyfall and while nothing spectacular, it was a vast improvement over Quantum of Solace.

Sure some elements are blatantly lifted from The Dark Knight (bad guys intentional capture),  Sam Mendes even admits that Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece was an inspirational “game changer”. However, being inspired by such a movie is hardly a bad thing.




The role of M was pivotal and made for a different twist on the tried and true explosions and fight scenes. The movie opens with a stolen list of MI6 operatives threatening the lives of hundreds of agents. This leads to M taking a diffcult decision early on and it feels as though the movie is building to something massively important. About half way through, however, the list is dropped from the story as it shifts focus.


The sub theme of whether Bond is relevant in a modern world is pervasive yet never fully explored as is the genius of the villan Bardem. He apparently has immense hacking skills and even owns an island yet the plan he has been hatching for years involves a hit or miss shoot out. His camp nature and insistance that he is a mirror of Bond fall a bit flat. Similarly, the constant references to Bond’s age became a bit tedious.


Daniel Craig Javier Bardem


When Bond leads a merry jaunt up to Scotland, it feels a bit like the plot of home alone, with no reason why Bond couldnt call in support and the conclusion feels as though Bond has failed to save anyone thoughout the movie.


Maybe this is coming across as overly negative, as I did enjoy the film. There were some great moments, like when Bond asks if an explosion was meant for him. The story is a much more personal one than previous Bond’s and it benifits because of this. However, Naomie Harris’s character felt completly unnecesary as did the Bond girl in this film. She didnt last long at all and Bond is in danger of ending up on the sex offenders list such was the ridiculousness of one scene.


Skyfall M


Ralph Fiennes played his small role well, while Q was too arrogant for my liking, the location filming and action were all top notch as was the opening credits which were visually stunning.


I think I would put Casino Royale as one of the best Bond movies over this.

What did you think of the movie? Did you enjoy it? Did you think it was the best Bond ever?


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